Find the Right 401(k) Plan for Your Needs

Protect Your Retirement

You’ve worked too hard to risk losing your retirement nest egg to poor management. Individuals, businesses, and organizations throughout the Logan, Utah area rely on me to help them successfully create, implement, administer, and distribute their retirement plans. Call me today, and together we’ll develop an effective way to handle your 401(k) Plan and IRA distributions.

Business Owners

A great benefit plan will attract and retain quality employees. As a Third Party Administrator (or TPA), I can effectively run many routine aspects of your business retirement plans. By optimizing investments, managing risk, and protecting your fiduciary liability, we can ensure that your employees are able to retire when they want to retire. My knowledge and experience allow me to:

  • Modify and Restate Plan Paperwork
  • Prepare Benefit Statements for Employers
  • Help Process Plan Distributions
  • Prepare Loan Paperwork
  • Annual Plan Evaluations to Determine IRS Compliance
  • Distribute Employer Contributions and Forfeitures
  • Calculate Employee Percentages
  • Prepare Annual Returns and Reports

Retirement Made Easy

As your business partner, I will be a professional intermediary and advocate for your plan fiduciaries and employees. I have the commitment and experience needed to assist you in lowering and managing plan costs and participation, reducing fiduciary liability, and creating retirement plans which provide investment flexibility. Call my office today for more information!

401(k) Plan Services

  • Plan Design
  • Plan Documents
  • 401(k) Plan Administration
  • Safe Harbor 401(k) Plans
  • IRA and 401(k) Distributions
  • Cross Tested Profit Sharing Plans
  • Cash Balance Plans


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